Some big IT companies like Microsoft, google and amazon etc provide the facility to hosting the application and maintain them. Big companies provide the required space for the application and bandwidth to access the application on payment basis. The company take responsibility of data security and other anti hacking activities. The benefit is that you just need a good speed internet connection only.

The servers provided by the cloud computing are virtual machines. Cloud computing provides many types of connectivity like web browser based, file transfer and direct remote access of servers. With cloud computing you do not need to update the operating system and other softwares manually. The hosting company itself do these primary task on regular basis.

Cost for On premise and Cloud computing
Cost depends on your requirement of infrastructure. In case of On Premise you have to purchase every stuff which is required to you. In case of cloud computing you have to pay for only the services which are required for your business or purpose.

Maintenance of On Premise and Cloud computing
Each infrastructure require maintenance time by time. Maintenance include the task like updation and up-gradation of softwares, backup of database and application, disaster recovery etc. In case of On Premise you need to maintain the stuffs manually. Bu in cloud computing all the regular tasks are responsibility of the clouding hosting company. Also you do not have access to do such things in cloud computing.

Security concern with On Premise and Cloud computing
Security is always important part for any business or company. The security may be physical security of hardware, security from virus and malwares and the most important security of your own data base. The scene is same here in case of On Premise you have to complete the above task manually by your own employees. In Cloud computing the responsibility of security tasks is of cloud hosting company.